Kia ora, welcome to Club Sandwich.

A complete buffet for clubs and groups in Palmerston North.

Club Sandwich is a Palmerston North City Library initiative, connecting you with clubs in Palmerston North city.

You can browse for clubs that suit your taste through Club Sandwich, then contact a club through the site or directly by using the contact details provided on a club’s profile. Clubs can register a club profile, manage and update their details on Club Sandwich for free.

When talking with members of the community, City Library staff discovered that Palmerston North clubs were finding it difficult to recruit new members, and older people were saying it was hard to find clubs to join. In July 2018, the library hosted “Clubs Day for 60+”, bringing together 2,000 people to an expo-style event featuring 70 Palmerston North clubs, with a focus on social connection and lifelong curiosity. Through the Palmerston North City Council and the City Library, Club Sandwich was launched in September 2020.

What is a club?

A club is a group of people interested in a particular activity or subject, who are united by a common interest or goal. A club can be an organisation, association or group, who meet on a regular basis to participate in activities related to their shared interest. Clubs are typically incorporated societies, registered charities or both, and have some kind of organisational structure. This website can also host informal groups without a committee or governance structure.

What is not a club?

A business, government agency, educational facility, or anyone who is seeking to make a personal or company profit from a group or activity.