Frequently asked questions

I'm in a club


Who can add a club?

Your club may nominate your club secretary, club membership officer or another member to manage your club profile on Club Sandwich. We can only host one profile page for each club - so be sure your club nominates a member to sign up to Club Sandwich, as opposed to many enthusiastic members all signing up the same club to this website. The club member managing the club profile does not have to be a named contact on the public profile page.

How do I add my club?

You will need to sign in with your own contact details. Go to the top right corner on the home page to 'Club Sign in'. When you have activated your account, you will be able to add your club to the website (or more than one club!).

My club does not have a physical address, or we meet at a private address. Do we need an address to register our club?

No. When you register your club, you can choose a suburb area to indicate the general location of your club. This helps prospective club members discover clubs in their vicinty.

My club does not have an email address, can I still add my club to Club Sandwich?

To find out how to feature your club on this site, please contact Club Sandwich administration by emailing or by calling 06 356 8199 during normal business hours.

What type of images can I add to my club profile page?

  • Images can be up to 5MB in size.
  • Images need to be either a JPG or PNG file type.
  • Images which work best on this platform are landscape format with a ratio of 16:9. I.e. the image width is almost twice the length of the image height.
  • On your club’s profile page, your image(s) will show to the right of your club description.
  • We recommend choosing images which shows your club off at its best!
  • Consider group images, or photos including people.
  • Avoid using only your club logo/crest.
  • Consider using photos taken by a trained photographer, an art/design student, a member of a camera club, or a club member with a ‘great eye’.
  • If you need to crop or resize your preferred image(s), there are free online sites you can use such as
  • As with most details on your page, you will be able to add and remove images to suit your club, as and when needed.

How do I know if my group is a "club"?

Check our working defintion on the About page. If you are still not sure - please contact Club Sandwich administration on the Contact us page.

I'm looking for a club


How do I contact a club?

You can make an enquiry throught this platform using the 'enquire' button, or contact a club directly using the club member's details (email, phone number) listed on their profile page.

How do I join a club?

You can freely browse this platform. You do not need to sign in. Most clubs will display information on how to join on their profile page. Follow their instructions on joining - which usually involves making contact with the club and/or attending their next meeting.