Manawatū Caving Club

We carry out cave exploration in the local area - Pohangina, Makuri, Norsewood - as well as further away in Wairoa, Mahoenui, Waitomo, and at least once a year in the South Island. Most trips are for the weekend and we do horizontal and vertical caves from 200 mtrs to 10's of kilometres. We are affiliated to the New Zealand Speleological Society ( and receive free training on rope courses, Search and Rescue, Working at Heights and numerous other courses. We also belong to Cave SAR and NZSAR and receive financial benefits and training. We also are a member of the Federated Mountain Clubs and this brings many other benefits.

How to Join

Contact is best through the NZSS website as this will have the most current email address, however you cannot go wrong by contacting

Membership Fees

Manawatu Caving Club is $5 for annual fees.
New Zealand Speleological Society is $35 annual fees
Please see
The fees are quite low for a NZ Club that will provide you with a stream of reading material from the local club and NZSS. Additionally you will meet like minded people from diverse life styles and share an interest in caving. Equipment is sorted as you start, which may mean a small hire fee, such as a helmet, $2 for the weekend, or best case a loan of someone's gear until you purchase your own.

When and where we meet

We meet every month on the second Monday of that month. The meeting place is at one of the member's homes. Pot luck for tea as well as a meeting and planning phase for the next month or three. Occasionally there is training on different caving aspects such as knots, abseiling, ascending cave mapping etc.

Contact Details

Robert Martelletti

President, Newsletter Editor and NZSS Membership Officer

022 191 2255

Alan McDonald

MSG and NZSS Member

06 877 4343

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Palmerston North Central