Manawatū Philatelic Society Inc.

The Manawatu Philatelic Society was formed in 1922, and since then has catered for stamp collectors from the junior and novice (of all ages) to the serious philatelist. The Society offers a range of services for its members including:

• Helpful advice for beginners and experienced collectors of all ages;
• Entertaining evening meetings with Guest Speakers and Member Talks;
• Buy, sell and exchange facilities;
• A comprehensive reference library;
• A lively newsletter; but most importantly;
• Friendship and sharing of knowledge among people with a like interest in stamp collecting.

How to Join

Email or write to the Secretary and request a membership form or other information. Telephone the Secretary or secondary contact listed below. Obtain a printed brochure about the Society available at the City Library.

Membership Fees

$30 each year for town members (24km radius from the centre of Palmerston North) and $20 each year for country members, the subscription reducible by $5 for members receiving their newsletters electronically.

When and where we meet

Meetings are held in the Val Kenward Room at the Community Leisure Centre, 569 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North on the first Wednesday of each month, from 7.30 - 9.30pm. A typical meeting programme is as follows:

• A very brief business session outlining issues affecting the Society and its members;
• Members items of interest, where everyone is encouraged to show items that have come their way over the last month/s;
• A talk and display by an invited speaker, or a number of speakers, or displays by members around a topic;
• A light supper;
• A sales table is open before and after the talks.

Contact Details

John Annabell



Colin Dyer

Vice President



569 Ferguson Street, Terrace End, Palmerston North 4410, New Zealand